Patient Participation Group

About the Patient Participation Group

The PPG provides a link between the practice and its patients, acting as a ‘critical friend’ to support improvements in care and patient experience. The group is led by patients with staff providing regular updates and information about new and future developments such as staffing, appointments and vaccination programmes.

Membership of the PPG is free and open to all patients registered with Lawton House Surgery together with surgery staff. We welcome members from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds and those with disabilities to help ensure our group truly represents our patient population, in particular at the moment young patients.

If you are interested in joining our PPG, please leave your name and contact details with reception or click on the form.

Due to Covid19, we cancelled meetings from March 2020, but aim to recommence in the Autumn 2021. They are held bi-monthly with future meeting dates to be confirmed.

Recently there has been a very active sub-group working with the practice to update the Lawton House Surgery website which went live October/November 2021.

Terms of Reference

Current Work Streams


  • Website enhancement
  • Communication
  • Working with other PPGs


  • Self Care
  • Social Prescribing
  • Suggestions from the Practice
  • CQC move from Good to Outstanding
  • Care in the Communities